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Ms. Ghatan has dedicated her services in empowering families and children in leading positive, healthy and productive lives since 1999.

Ms. Bita Ghatan (Ms. G) is a world-renowned Behavior Analyst, certified autism specialist and expert in the field of ASD (Autism), OCD, ADD , ADHD, Trisomy 21 (downs syndrome) and other associated disabilities.

Ms. G and her team of hand picked specialist serve a wide range of diagnosis – from high-functioning children with autism to the most challenging individuals whose families and teachers come to us as a last resort. Ms. G and the LBC team have an unparalleled recovery rate, enabling children and their family members to lead independent and productive lives. With a Masters of Science in Applied and Experimental Analysis of Behavior from California State University of Los Angeles, she received her mentorship from Dr. Barry Lowenkron, a world renowned and admired behavior analyst and the father of Joint Control.

Her extensive training in the experimental and applied analysis of behavior, includes the domains of Dr. Brian Iwata’s functional analysis and assessment methodologies, Dr. B.F. Skinners analysis of verbal behavior (VB), behavior analysis in education and academics, Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), other forms of augmentative communication, extensive training in teaching advanced language skills, social skills, Theory of Mind and Executive Functioning skills. Ms. Ghatan founded The Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC (LBC) in 2004 and is amongst the most experienced and collaborative organizations effectively treating children. Based on our detailed domain assessments, LBC develops individualized treatment plans utilizing the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), a behavioral treatment in which the scientific community has empirically validated and disseminated for nearly 100 years now. Under Ms. Ghatan's leadership and prescriptions, LBC has been successful with every learner, over the past 13 years. Ms. Ghatan is also the founder and president of the LBC Outreach program and the A.L.L. campaign (ACCEPTANCE.LOVE.LEADERSHIP) which actively reaches out and provides to Elementary, Junior High and High school communities, with powerful and life altering workshops and assemblies. Our seminars include but are not limited to drug and alcohol avoidance and anti bullying and acceptance workshops.

Curriculum Vitae
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Tarzana CA 91356

EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION                                           ____________

California State University of Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Degree: Masters of Science
Major: Applied Behavior Analysis
Completion Date: May, 2006

Autism Spectrum Specialist Certification
Completion Date: May, 2006

California State University of Northridge, Northridge
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Major: Psychology


APPLIED EXPERIENCE                                                                                     

Clinical Director and Founder – April 2007 – Present
Learning and Behavioral Center, LLC

Providing direct Applied Behavior Analytic Interventions to Children Diagnosed with various disorders, including but not limited to: Autism spectrum disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder (with and without hyperactivity), Trisomy 21, and obsessive-compulsive disorder; Effectively collecting and analyzing treatment data; Tailored a detailed and comprehensive training system for all clinic staff and supervisors; Providing on going training and supervision for all clinical and administrative facilitators and staff (approximately 20 individuals); Conducting functional analysis and assessments for children with severe to moderate anti-learning behaviors. Conducting weekly or bi-monthly parent training sessions in the home or community settings; Serving as an expert witness; Developed an organizational performance matrix for employees and interns contingent pay increase, bonuses and promotions; Completing the revision of the language curriculum and implementing a verbal behavior analytic orientation to the treatment of patients; Refining a curriculum based-assessment. Supervising all research activities with Undergraduate and graduate level students; Monitoring and evaluating all clinical supervisors’ and behavioral facilitator’s clinical and corporate performance. Developed and supervised staff training materials; Working with California State University of Northridge as the recommended site for CADV student’s internship fulfillment requirement.


Clinical Director and Founder – December 2004 – April 2007
Academic Trainer
Providing intensive quality services to children diagnosed with Autism, ADD, ADHD and Down syndrome, utilizing the procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis to teach appropriate verbal and non-verbal behaviors. The curriculum was a fusion of behavior analytic teaching methods including: Natural Environment Training, Discrete Trial Training, Direct Instruction and Fluency training. Graphed and collect data for every program in order to provide our staff members, parents and paraprofessionals an objective tool to measure program efficacy. Providing functional analysis and assessments, supervised parent and staff training and program implementation, teacher, parent and counselor consultations, and direct services to countries outside the U.S.A. including Europe, Asia and Middle East regions.

As the founder and clinical director of Academic trainer, my responsibilities included the following: filling and maintaining the appropriate business license documents, creating excel formatted timesheets and summary sheets for staff members to fill out on a bi-monthly basis, creating an effective payroll and billing system for clients and staff members to access on a bi-monthly basis, supervising payroll and billing on a bi-monthly basis, keeping up to date with various HR procedures and requirements, recruiting staff via the development of various marketing methods, conferences, presentations at local Universities (UCLA, CSLA and CSUN) and professional contacts, developing and presenting various training materials for staff, parents and paraprofessionals (e.g. teachers, counselors, aides, ed therapist…etc), developing programs targeting a variety of behavioral deficits including language, gross motor, fine motor, self help, socialization and compliance deficiencies, regularly meeting with and mentoring graduate level staff members, creating tools for efficiently scheduling sessions for staff members and classes for parents and paraprofessionals, developing IEP reports for school district personal using the data collected from functional analysis, assessments, record reviews and consultations. Providing trainings to the staff and teachers at Nestle Ave Elementary, per the request of Principle Iba Gomez.

Positive environments, Network of Trainers (PENT) Research Project
California Department of Education
Diagnostic Center, Southern California
As a team of graduate students in behavior analysis from California State University, Los Angeles we spent many hours establishing reliability for the Behavior Support Plan Quality Evaluation scoring instrument. Effectively reviewing over 400 behavior support plans from the PENT Forums and was commended for demonstrating advanced level skills in behavior plan development and analysis. Received direct supervision and training from Diana Browning Wright, M.S., L.E.P and G. Roy Mayer, Ed.D.

Supervising Technician/Recruitment & Training Coordinator –
April 2006-October 2007
California Unified Service Providers, LLC
An agency providing services, utilizing the procedures of Applied Behavior Analysis to facilitate learning. The curriculum is a fusion of various behavior analytic teaching methods (e.g. Natural Environment Training, Discrete Trial Training . . . etc). I conducted functional analysis and assessments, developed various verbal behavior based programs, supervised and trained staff and parents, assisted in scheduling and creating appropriate administrative documents, screened, interviewed and recruited competent technicians for the 1:1 therapy and provided a mentorship for 2-3 staff members at a time. Please refer to for more information.

Clinical Manager – August 2004 – January 2005
Behavior Health Consultants
Supervised all case supervisors and therapist. Provided on going trainings for Supervisors, therapist and parents. Introduced and developed a curriculum based on B. F. Skinner’s analysis of Verbal Behavior. Supervised the collection and graphing of data. Developed and maintained an individualized program for every client. Conducted all intakes, functional assessments and analysis, I.E.P. preparation and attendance, and conflict resolution meetings with the regional centers and school districts. Involved in the recruitment and interview of prospective employees. Implemented a performance based system for the Supervisors and therapist. Conducted the evaluations for all employees. Supervised the scheduling of all clients and employees.


Treatment method for Autism in Panorama City, CA consists of special behavioral instruction. Behavioral training rewards good behavior (optimistic reinforcement) to teach children social abilities and also to teach them the way to communicate and the way to assist themselves as they develop older.  Treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA is now a crucial public policy challenge, with mother and father advocating for funding of comprehensive therapy programs and demanding governments through the courts. Funding companies and policy-makers need to critically appraise the literature on early intensive teaching and behavioural plans for little ones with Autism in Panorama City, CA to make informed choices about service provision.  Healthcare treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA is exceedingly pricy. Plenty of moms and dads of autistic youngsters take out a 2nd home loan on their households and some even file for bankruptcy because they can be unable to spend the expenditures of Autism in Panorama City, CA treatment that insurance coverage doesn't cover. Several think that this situation will not be fair and the government ought to stage in to alleviate the hardships these parents endure.  Can early therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA stop later complications? 
A type of Autism in Panorama City, CA therapy continues to be shown in randomized trials to drastically increase I.Q., language and social knowledge in toddlers with Autism in Panorama City, CA, and researchers say it's even better possible if it could possibly be started out earlier, reports today's Science Occasions.  The earlier therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA starts, the far better the child's possibility of producing vital expertise. Early therapy can considerably allow most kids with Autism in Panorama City, CA. Treatment in most cases decreases  signs and symptoms of Autism in Panorama City, CA , irrespective with the child's age or the severity within the ailment.  There may be no remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA. There exists behaviour modification to enhance social knowledge and decrease unwelcome or dangerous behaviours. They're going to need to have educating in unique schools. Only 10% reside independently as adults. Other individuals will reside in special care or with mother and father in adultohood.  The   purpose of therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA would be to lower your child's symptoms and strengthen   his social skills, behavior and communication. Therapy that begins ahead of   your youngster is three years old is termed early intervention. Early intervention   may very well assist your child discover and retain new competencies. 
Therapy may perhaps will need to modify   a lot of occasions through your child's existence to assist fit his requirements. The principle   solutions for Autism in Panorama City, CA involve therapies and educational packages, medicines,   and modifications to the meals he eats. Request your child's physician for important information   about other kinds of therapies.  Within the look for treatment method for Autism in Panorama City, CA, there continues to be discussion during the final handful of many years regarding the utilization of secretin, a substance accepted from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to get a single dose typically offered to aid in diagnosis of the gastrointestinal issue. Anecdotal reports have proven improvement in Autism in Panorama City, CA indicators, which include  sleep  patterns, eye speak to, language knowledge, and alertness. A lot of clinical trials carried out during the final few many years have observed no sizeable improvements in indicators involving sufferers who obtained secretin and those that obtained a placebo.  The gold-standard therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA, notably for young kids, may be a kind of behavioral treatment named applied-behavior evaluation (ABA) that will involve as much as 40 hours per week of one-on-one function having a educated therapist. 
Then there's speech treatment, occupational therapy, physician payments for gastrointestinal along with other medical difficulties that may go together with the disorder, charges for respite care -- hiring babysitters certified to view youngsters with Autism in Panorama City, CA -- and also other expenses.  Disclaimer:  Just about every remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA has its detractors and none has proven to advantage in just about every situation. Consequently, the job of judging the effectiveness of probable therapies will in the end fall on you to a more substantial extent than you'll really feel certified to make. In case the expert you take a look at strongly recommends some plan or treatment, understand that you'll notice other people who will advocate some other just as strongly. Note that a great number of applications are produced up from components of a couple of techniques. One can find plenty of much more approaches than we have space to list right here.  
Obtaining diagnosis and correct remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA is usually a thorough method. Intensive treatment, beginning as early as you possibly can, can increase your child’s language capability and social functioning. Skilled evaluation by a youngster and adolescent psychiatrist or other professional is wanted.  Mainly because insurance covers ABA therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA in Florida, an entire infrastructure has grown up close to offering those treatment options. Max now gets the ABA therapy he desires from certified ABA therapists.  Chelation is not a reputable treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA, regardless of how a lot of anecdotes you allege. Kerry violated the current standard of care. He subjected the youngster to a risky therapy for which there exists no demonstrated advantage.  EmCell clinic features stem cell therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA. 
Stem cell treatment is usually a novel and productive approach to treating Autism in Panorama City, CA and is according to the exceptional capacity of stem cells to impact metabolism, immune procedure and restore damaged cells and tissues. EmCell's encounter in treating Autism in Panorama City, CA and also the benefits accomplished in sufferers show the function of the clinic as an outstanding Autism in Panorama City, CA treatment center.  Isolated attempts of antibiotic treatment method for Autism in Panorama City, CA have already been reported from some Mid-western medical centers. The rational for utilization of antibiotics continues to be the assumption of patient's bowel colonization by particular Super-antigen producing microorganisms (Group A Strept, particular strains of Staphylococcus, Campylobacter, and so on.). In carefully selected instances remedy with Vancomycin continues to be effective.  
HMO protection is expected to supply treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA, speak to the HMO or verify your certificate of coverage. The law will not change the Autism in Panorama City, CA coverage presented by public wellness care applications such as FamilyCare and All Children. Get hold of the unique plan for additional details about its Autism in Panorama City, CA coverage.  Dr. Rimland stated that, “No biological treatment method for Autism in Panorama City, CA is more strongly supported during the scientific literature than using substantial dosage vitamin B6.” Actually, eighteen research have proven conclusively that substantial dose vitamin B6 confers substantial added benefits to about half of all kids and adults with Autism in Panorama City, CA who use it. Mild unwanted effects just like irritability, sound sensitivity and bedwetting arise when B6 is taken without having magnesium. Vitamin B6 together with magnesium final results in greater eye speak to, much less self-stimulatory behavior, more interest during the globe, fewer tantrums and improved speech. For much more on Magnesium, see Volume 11:two.  
Yes. Like treatment for other circumstances, remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA and Autism in Panorama City, CA spectrum ailments are topic to determinations of healthcare necessity. Though the insurance coverage agency can't deny coverage for the reason that a youngster continues to be diagnosed with Autism in Panorama City, CA Spectrum Condition, an insurance enterprise may well deny protection to get a therapy that is definitely established to not be medically vital.  1 issue you want to know up front is that therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA may be a really intensive and thorough undertaking that requires an exceptionally substantial time dedication and that will involve not simply the youngster with Autism in Panorama City, CA, but their entire household and group of experts too. Some Autism in Panorama City, CA remedy applications might happen during the child’s house and some Autism in Panorama City, CA remedy ideas will need to happen inside a specialized center, classroom or preschool.  
The suggested dosage for DMG as a all-natural remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA spectrum disorder varies. Most practitioners advocate you divide the DMG dosage all through the day, beginning at one-half of a 125 mg tablet each day for children and growing the dosage gradually, just about every three days, to a optimum of four 125 mg tablets day by day. In adults, start out at 1 tablet a day and function up to two to 8. Even though it will be a nutrient, there's no RDA for dimethylglycine
Please talk for your health practitioner or pharmacist ahead of starting any supplementation treatment method or regime.  No one of those single application areas is usually a remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA. Even so, they all present a totally different piece of the appropriation of music from its classical application to some thing significantly a lot more goal-oriented.  Training, chance, expression, facilitation, and clinical adjust - all of these sweeping possibilities had been produced likely to handle the desires of the population.  Investigate into new songs interfaces for that autistic population will consider the lessons discovered within our current study and layout new programming to advantage the autistic population on the intersection of those fields.  No matter whether secretin will show to be an efficient treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA and/or for gastrointestinal issues related with Autism in Panorama City, CA are unable to be determined at this time. 
The NICHD invites certified applicants to submit applications for investigate funding to discover its safety, efficacy, and mechanism of action.  All-Inclusive package deal promotions  for Stem Cell Treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA are also available and involve: 14 nights packages with four & 5 Star Boutique Hotels , VIP Transportation, a personal chauffeur with day by day massage services and optional Thailand day trips start out at ten.500 Euros. ( up to two people per package ). Please speak to us for a lot more details.  The  Thai Healthcare Vacation  approved  Stem Cell Treatment method for Autism in Panorama City, CA  protocols call for that use of the sufferers own peripheral blood and adipose derived stem cells. The Autologous remedy thereby completely eliminating the risk of immune-mediated rejection by 100%. 
The  Thai Healthcare Vacation GMP approved  stem cells are always tested for security and viability just before use. All records and lab results will be provided to our clients free of charge.  Within the past decade the amount of money spent on remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA has jumped from $50 million annually to $320 million annual - during the state of California alone.  This is over 600% and rising!  All through the U.S. the amount is hovering at about $90 billion and is expected to double within the decade.  Study is about the rise - with NIH looking at testing non-traditional treatment method to see what might get the job done.
  In my book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome. All-natural Treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression and Schizophrenia” we will look in great detail at what particular toxins have been discovered in autistic kids and adults and the way they make these youngsters and adults autistic. The toxicity, which is produced from the abnormal microbial mass during the digestive tract in the youngster, establishes a link in between the gut plus the brain. That's why I named this ailment: the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAP Syndrome)™. Sufferers with GAP Syndrome fall during the gap - the gap within our health-related knowledge. Like a result they do not receive an appropriate treatment.  Thai Health care Vacations' hand selected  Stem Cell Remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA  clinics use a different treatment method protocol allows these two unique lineages of stem cells to function together and potentially heal both the Hypoperfusion to the brain and also the Immune Dysreglation affecting the Gastrointestinal technique. 
The distinctive Stem Cell Treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA protocol only uses  Autologous Adult Stem Cells  from the patient themselves so the risk of rejection is virtually zero.  When PENN Behavioral Well being covered persons seek therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA Spectrum Ailments the provider will receive a referral directly from PENN Behavioral Overall health. Should certainly a PENN Behavioral Wellbeing covered person make contact with you directly, please request that the client call the Speak to Center at 888-321-4433 and select Option # 3 to speak that has a Care Manager and request services.  
There is certainly scientific evidence that ABA is an efficient treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA. A study at UCLA of 19 young little ones with Autism in Panorama City, CA reported that after two or extra many years of intensive early behavioral therapy 47 percent of youngsters had been “indistinguishable from their typically creating peers” and another 42 % had produced significant enhancements.  If you do have coverage, view for limitations. Due to the fact therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA is so individualized, you will find handful of uniform standards or protocols for insurance coverage companies to follow. That means parents often have to argue that a particular therapy or therapy is essential. Also, be sure to verify any caps on remedy, Mr. Sell warns. What may very well look generous - say $36,000 a year - is often spent quickly. Or there may well be limits on how many sessions of the particular type of therapy will be paid for each year.  Today, ABA is widely recognized being a safe and beneficial therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA. 
It's been endorsed by a number of state and federal agencies, like the U.S. Surgeon General plus the New York State Department of Overall health. Over the last decade, the nation has seen a particularly dramatic increase within the use of ABA to assist persons with Autism in Panorama City, CA reside happy and productive lives. In particular, ABA principles and techniques can foster basic expertise which includes looking, listening and imitating, as well as complex competencies similar to reading, conversing and understanding another person's perspective.  If you do have protection, view for limitations. For the reason that treatment for Autism in Panorama City, CA is so individualized, you can find couple of uniform standards or protocols for insurance companies to follow. That means dad and mom often have to argue that a selected treatment or treatment is critical. 
Also, be sure to test any caps on therapy, Mr. Sell warns. What may look generous ? say $36,000 a year ? are usually spent quickly. Or there could possibly be limits on the number of sessions of a particular type of treatment will be paid for each year.  The law requires that affected insurance companies cover therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA spectrum ailments. It defines remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA spectrum disorders as (1) habilitative or rehabilitative care, just like processional, counseling, and guidance services and remedy, which includes applied conduct evaluation ("ABA"); (two) pharmacy care, defined as medications prescribed by a licensed physician; (3) psychiatric care, defined as direct or consultative services presented by a state-licensed psychiatrist; (4) psychological care, defined as direct or consultative services supplied by a state-licensed psychologist; and (5) therapeutic care, defined as services provided by licensed or certified speech therapists, occupational therapists, pr physical therapists.  Re HBOT and Bill's concerns: if HBOT does turn out to be a standard therapy for Autism in Panorama City, CA, and it's accredited for use, I would assume that there would be standards in spot for its use.  
Like any healthcare device, it would obviously ought to be used correctly.  Despite the lack of scientific evidence for HBOT being a useful remedy for Autism in Panorama City, CA, anecdotal evidence and word-of-mouth have produced this an increasingly interesting option to parents of young children with Autism in Panorama City, CA.  "Home" oxygen chambers and costly courses of HBOT treatment method are being offered by various practitioners with anecdotal evidence of positive outcomes.  It's fundamental to remember that vitamin D is simply not an officially sanctioned treatment method for Autism in Panorama City, CA, and also the investigate vouching for its function in prevention remains controversial. But, Dr. John Cannell, who is attributed as being the father on the vitamin D theory of Autism in Panorama City, CA, makes precise recommendations. According to Dr. Cannell, reporting during the October 2008 problem of "Medical Hypotheses" autistic youngsters should certainly maintain blood levels of 100 nano grams vitamin D3 per milliliter by supplementing at least 2,000 IU each day for just about every 25 pounds of body weight.

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Ms. Bita Ghatan

a world-renowned Behavior Analyst, certified autism specialist and expert in the field of ASD (Autism), OCD, ADD , ADHD, Trisomy 21 (downs syndrome) and other associated disabilities.

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